Pocket is a read-it-later application that is available on all the platforms like web, android, iOS which lets you share or save any articles from the web in one place and you can read them later.
I am using Pocket from past 3 years. It helps a lot in saving time and to be productive as I visit dozens of blogs to gather information.

Here am going to discuss 6 amazing features of Pocket application that we should not miss.

1. Save to Pocket Chrome Extension

Save any article with this super cool google chrome extension “save to pocket“. First of All you need to get into the web page which you need to save, click on the pocket extension and save it. In addition to this, You can also enter a tag if you want to push an article to a specific category.
It is not only limited to saving blog articles because you can save videos as well. The best thing is all the videos which you save will be grouped under video folder which makes easier to search.
Once saved you can easily access the saved article from almost anywhere either from the Web, Android device, or iOS.
On smartphones, just share the articles to pocket and those articles will be added to your list.
This is extremely useful when you have no time to go through the entire article but want to read it later.

Get this extension for your Chrome Browser by clicking here

BONUS TIP: – Alternatively you can save any article by just sending the URL to [email protected], For the first time it will ask you to confirm your email address.

Save to Pocket


2. Clutter-Free UI with More Display Options

The additional benefits of using a pocket app are its clutter-free user interface (Article view).
When you open saved pages you won’t see even a single advertisement since article view removes all the unwanted junks and as a result, it  avoids distraction and increases your productivity.
Display options lets you change the font size and the theme (Light, Dark, Sepia).
Dark theme is good when you are reading articles during night time.

BONUS TIP:- In Android, you can make use of the true black feature which is extremely good on AMOLED screen, Enable this feature by heading over to settings and enable “Use True Black“.

Display options in pocket

Light Display in Pocket Web

Dark Display in Pocket WebSepia Display in Pocket Web


3.  Powerful Tagging Option

Pocket is a read-it-later application wherein you will save tons of articles.
But wait, Is that easy to find an article when you are searching for a specific article? Yes, It is possible with its cool tagging feature.
You can easily tag any saved article You can either do this while saving or after saving an article. As a result, it makes easy to search or get any saved pages.
Adding a tag while saving: – Go to the web page which you want to save, click on the save to pocket extension, enter the tag name and save it.
Adding a tag after saving: – Hover over any article in your list, click on edit tag icon and add the tag name.

Tag in pocket application


4. Listen to articles using Text-To-Speech

This feature is extremely useful when you are tired of holding the device for longer period starring at the screen because it hurts your eyes. Pocket uses the text-to-speech feature from your smartphone and therefore it will read out the articles with the least or no errors.
I personally use this feature most of the time to increase my productivity.

Text to Speech



5. Bulk Edit

Yes, This is the must needed feature for everyone because no one likes to edit individual saved pages.
First of All, we are saving a huge amount of time by gathering many articles to read them later. But at some instances, we might have forgotten to add tags for few articles and other scenarios like you want to delete some of the articles which you don’t need any more at one shot, here come the bulk edit in handy. All you need to do is click on the bulk edit icon, select all the articles which you want to edit and use the desired function.

Bulk Edit in Pocket


6. Export Everything

Pocket allows us to export the list of saved articles in a portable .html format. As a result, we can glance all the contents quickly.

Export in Pocket


These were the 6 amazing features of Pocket application that everyone should make use of.

You can Download this for android by clicking below

Developer: Read It Later
Price: Free+

If you got anything unique about this wonderful application, Please leave them in the comment section!