Android Smartphone is the best alternative for PC due to its large collection of apps. Android apps made possible to do anything that can be done from PC in day to day life.
There are tons of applications in google play store to select and use. Every day developers are creating a huge variety of applications for different purposes.

Here am going to present a list of applications that are actually worth upgrading for.



Almost all the root users know this application because every time you flash a custom ROM you don’t need to download and install applications from play store. As a result, it saves time and you don’t need to loose any data.

You need a ROOT access to use Titanium Backup.
This is the first application I install after flashing any custom ROM.
Titanium backup allows you to take a complete backup of all the applications+data and restore them. This is extremely handy when you buy a new device or flash a custom ROM or in some instances if you loose all the data.

The things which I like the most from Titanium backup is its capability of taking backup of internal data of any applications so when you restore them it not only restores the applications but also the data associated with them, Exporting Contacts, Messages and call logs in a .xml format that can be restored to any device, uninstalling the bloatware and freezing unwanted system apps to make the device performance smoother.
Free version of Titanium backup does most of the job but if you have a PRO key then you get much more features.
Pro users gets advanced features like;
– zero-click batch restore (You don’t need to click on “install” for every application when you are performing a batch restore).
–  Multiple backups per app, Allows you to create (Can be flashed from recovery to restore all the apps and data).
– Converting user apps to system apps.
– Sync to/from Dropbox, Google drive, and BOX.
– Change the device’s Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset
, and much more.
You can get the pro key for $6(400 INR).

Titanium backup and restore freeze and uninstall bloatware Titanium BackupTitanium Backup -Backup messages, Call log, Wifi Access PointsExtract from nandroid backup in titanium bakup



Everyone are concerned about the battery backup because we don’t like to run behind charger for every few hours.
To get the most out of our battery we tend to install many battery saver applications. But wait, do those applications really save your battery or consume some more juice out of your battery running in the background?

Oasis Feng created a wonderful application called Greenify which hibernates the unwanted applications that runs in the background and saves battery and improves the overall performance of the device.
Greenify is not only limited to rooted users as it can also be installed on a non-rooted device. You can get the best results from greenify when you have a root access with the XPOSED installed.

The things which I like the most from Greenify is its;
– Power of controlling all the unwanted system apps and prevent them running in the background.
– Aggressive Doze.
– Doze on the go.
You can hibernate any app just with just a single click.
Premium/Donation version allows you to hibernate even the system apps.

BONUS TIP:- You can automate the hibernation by activating the Automated Hibernation from Accessibility.

NOTE:- For Root users, Upgrading Greenify to Premium version unlocks many features which in turn saves lot of battery and a smoother device.

You can get the donation version of this app for less than $1 (50 INR)

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free

Greenify Android



Many of us don’t like the default UI because most of the OEM load their own skin which makes the overall experience so pathetic.
There are many custom launchers available in Google play store but Nova is the only launcher which can provide tons of features to customize each and every part of your home screen including icons and dock.

The things which I like the most from Nova Launcher is its capability to turn your home screen as you wish, Gesture Input, Ability to use any icon packs, Customizing the Desktop Grid and icon size.

NOTE: –NOVA Prime allows you to Hide apps, Use Gesture Input, Customize Icon size, Unread counts for some applications.

You can upgrade to Nova Prime for 150 INR.

BONUS TIP: – In few occasions like Christmas and Halloween you can get Nova Prime for just 10 INR.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free

Nova homescreen Nova desktop Nova icon Nova Google bar Nova launcher Nova icon pack Nova launcher Nova launcher

4. Solid Explorer

We might have used several file explorers but every file explorer has its own pros and cons and few file explorer also lacks some of the great features as well.
I have recently tried Solid explorer and upgraded to full version within 2 days of testing. It’s a full packed file explorer with dozens of features. Added benefit is its inbuilt root explorer (Works on Rooted device in order to access and edit root files).

The things which I like the most is it is;
– Beautiful material design.
– Fully customizable interface with lots of themes.
 Using fingerprint sensor to open any encrypted folder.
– Dual sided panel to quickly drag and drop the folders or files between any two folders.

Solid explorer allows you to manage all your cloud storage in one place.
With the help of FTP plugin, you can start an FTP server and as a result you can access files from your PC.

NOTE: – Currently supports Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex

Solid explorer allows you to add many plugins that are available from the play store to extend its capability.

NOTE: – Plugins available for solid explorers- FTP server plugin, USB OTG Plugin, Chromecast plugin, Amazon S3 plugin, MEGA plugin to handle mega cloud storage.

I am using solid explorer from the past few months and am extremely happy with the features it is providing.
You can grab the full version of solid explorer for just $0.3(20 INR)

Solid Explorer File Manager
Solid Explorer File Manager

solid explorer solid explorer solid explorer solid explorer solid explorer solid explorer


5. Poweramp

Poweramp is an advanced music player for android coupled with a plethora of features.

The things which i like the most from Poweramp is;
– Gorgeous and simple UI.
– Download and customize album art online.
– Powerful tweaks for custom ROM support.
– Powerful equalizer.

You can customize its UI with preinstalled skins or load third party skins from play store.
Equalizer allows you to take your music experience to the next level and get the best sound possible from your device.
Extra tweakings for custom ROM’s users makes this app awesome.
7dB equalizer bands allow you to change the equalizer knob values to 7dB/-7dB.
Overall it is a full packed music player, Trial version lasts for 14 days and you can upgrade it to the full version for $1 (68 INR).

Developer: Max MP
Price: Free

poweramp poweramp poweramp poweramp poweramp