Plex is a boon for all the media streamers out there. It allows us to stream our offline content to any device from any place.

Advantages of Plex are numerous;

  • No need to spend money on streaming your content to multiple devices.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Simultaneously access content on multiple devices.
  • Record Live TV in HDR.

Step 1:- 

Create a Plex Account by clicking here

Plex download

Step 2:-

Download the Plex Media Server for your Operating System. This can be installed on many Platforms apart from Windows such as Linux, Mac, FreeBSD and you can configure Plex even on NAS.

Plex download

Step 3:-

After Downloading the Plex Media Server, Run the Installer file and Click on “Install“. Once Installed, Click on “Launch“. Alternatively, Launch Plex by clicking on the plex icon from the taskbar and select “Open Plex“.

Install Plex

Launch Plex

Step 4:-

Plex uses the default web browser to launch, Sign In to your Plex account.

Plex Sign In

Note: –  If you are signing in from your TV, you need to link it by entering the 4 digits code provided for the first time. Launch a Web browser from your PC and use this link

Plex Link account

Step 5:-

After Signing into your Plex account, Assign a name for the server. Make sure to check “Allow me to access my media outside my home” in order to access your content from any place and from any device.

Server name for plex

Step 6:-

Now It’s time to load your Content, Click on “Add Library“, Select your library type and click Next.
Then, Click on “Browse For Media Folder” and select the folders where you have stored your media files.

That’s it, You have successfully configured the Plex Media Server on your PC. Now the contents that you have uploaded here can be accessed from anywhere using your Smart TV or the Smartphone and make sure to keep the PC turned on if you want to access these contents on the go. Dashboard looks like this;

Plex Dashboard

How To Access Plex from Any Device

Plex app is available for free on Android, iOS, Windows, Game Consoles, Smart TV etc.

Download the Plex app from the respective store, Install them and sign in with the same Plex account and access the content.
Smart Phone users can stream videos only for 1 min. To stream unlimited videos without any restrictions you either need to get Plex Pass or you need to activate the Plex by paying a one-time fee for the activation to remove the playback restrictions to your Google account.

Plex Pass membership is chargeable on a monthly or yearly basis at $4.99 and $39.99 respectively. Lifetime membership is available at $119.99.
Alternatively, you can activate Plex for $5 (Rs.300).


Plex is not only limited to streaming your content from local storage, It also allows you to add various channels to your Plex account for free and watch them from any place.
Plex add-on can be installed on Kodi and this expands the integration of Kodi with Plex.
Recently Plex came up with a new feature that allows you to watch and record Live channels, Over-the-air using Digital Tuner and Antenna (Plex Pass Required).

Plex is evolving day by day and the team is adding tons of features with massive UI improvements. Comment below the features you like and the features you want to be added in the future