Samsung always delays android updates even for their flagship devices but they bring lots of amazing features. We all know this but what’s new with android nougat 7.0?
Here am going to discuss the new features introduced by Samsung in Android Nougat 7.0.

NOTE: – I have tested nougat features in Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Thanks for all the XDA developers from Note 5 section for creating such an awesome ROM.

1. Brand New Grace UI

No More classic Touchwiz! Finally, Samsung made lots of refinements to their TouchWiz UI, Now its more polished resulting in a smoother operation and they are calling it as a Grace UI.
They have also made changes to the icon, You can either have icons with a frame or normal icons.
I have tested this UI for about a week, Personally, I felt 10X better than the previous TouchWiz UI.
Grace UI

2. Protect your Eyes with Blue light filter

If you are a hardcore reader like me, then a blue light filter is a must needed feature as it avoids eye strain and allows you to stretch your reading time.
You can also adjust the opacity based on the lightning.

BONUS TIP: – You can schedule this feature to turn on automatically whenever you want!

bluelight filter


3. Revamped Settings screen

Samsung completely modified the settings screen. At first, you may find difficulty in using this but after 2 or 3 days you will definitely love this settings screen than the previous one because it is so compact and clean.

settings in Grace UI Settings in Grace UI

4. More Control Over Battery and Power Saving Mode

Most of us have this common doubt, how exactly the phone saves battery when we turn on the power saving mode.
Here we go, finally we can see what exactly happens when we turn on the power saving mode. In Android 7.0 nougat for Samsung, you have 3 options for power saving mode: – OFF, MID, MAX.

When you turn on MID, the screen resolution changes from WQHD to FHD(1920X1080), limits the CPU speed and turns off the background network usage.
When you turn on MAX, then the screen resolution changes to HD(1280X720), limits the CPU speed to the least which compromises the performance and turns off the background network usage.

BONUS TIP: – You can put any unwanted apps to sleep which prevents apps from running in the background and as a result, you get more battery backup.

Battery Battery MID power saving Battery MAX Power saving Battery power saverBattery power saver

5. Advanced Display Features

The Most important feature introduced in this new version is, Changing the display resolution as per your needs. Few people like Quad HD and some of us like FHD, now you can select any resolution from HD(1280X720) to WQHD(2560X1440). This, in turn, saves some battery.
Change overall appearance of the screen by adjusting Screen zoom level, Font size, and style.

Display settings in nougat Display settings in nougat

6. Powerful Device Maintenance

Now you can optimize your device to its fullest with the new and powerful device maintenance feature.
Battery option allows you to put any unwanted application to a sleep mode which prevents those apps from running in a background.
Performance mode comes with 3 different options: – Optimized (Balanced performance and Battery), Game (Games run smoother without any frame drops), High Performance (Best performance compensating the battery).

Storage option allows you to monitor the different type of files and cleans up unwanted junk files.
Device security which is powered by intel security scans for any malware and removes them.

Battery Battery Device maintenanceperformance mode StorageSecurity


7. Improved Multi-Function features

Multi-tasking features from Samsung are my favorite, Even before google introduced the multi-window feature in their latest Android 7.0, Samsung introduced multi-window and few other multi-tasking features long ago.
Now with this update, You are able to independently resize any apps allowing you go back and forth between the apps easily.

Press and holding the recent button switches to Multi-window and at the bottom, you will find recent applications to select. In the previous version when you toggle multi-window it will push the current application to the top, and at the bottom you need to select a new application from home screen to launch which was cumbersome, Samsung finally fixed this!

multiwindow in samsung multiwindow in samsung nougat

8. Gorgeous splash screen while calling

No more boring screen while calling someone, Phone app has introduced a splash screen which splashes beautiful colors while calling someone. It’s not a great feature but just a bonus!
Splash screen in nougat