Snagit is a powerful software for Windows and Mac to capture the screenshot and to record videos.
Snagit Software is developed by the company named TechSmith who have already delivered one more powerful tool called Camtasia that is been widely used to record videos.

Windows and Mac allow us to take a screenshot in a traditional way but that are not powerful and they won’t provide freedom to customize and edit the screenshots that are captured.

Snagit is a feature rich application with tons of advanced features and is extremely useful for students, bloggers, teachers, professionals etc.

In this article, I will show you how to make use of all the features in Snagit to capture beautiful screenshots and videos from your PC.
If you are already using Snagit, you can directly jump to the next section or else feel free to use the free trial or it can be purchased by clicking here.


Snagit User Interface

Snagit has got the simple and minimalistic interface that makes anyone gets used to the software within minutes.
All the important functions are lodged at the top left, Important tools required to edit an image are placed in the top center, Towards the left, you can access the properties and effects of the specific tool you have selected.
At the bottom left you can quickly access the recently edited images and at the bottom center you can resize/adjust an image.

Snagit interface
Snagit interface

Snagit Basics

Ways to Capture Screenshot

Capturing Screenshot from Snagit tool is as easy as pie. You don’t need to open the software everytime capturing a screenshot.
There are two ways to capture screenshot or record video using Snagit.
The first method is a traditional way. Navigate to Snagit application from Start Menu, Right click on it and “Pin to Taskbar“, this will allow you to take a screenshot from your taskbar.
Right click on the Snagit icon from the taskbar and select “Start Capture“, Select the start point and drag it till where you need to capture the screen. That is it, once captured, it will be automatically loaded to the Snagit editor to further edit the image.
After editing an image, Click on the “File” and save it.

Snagit screen capture

There is one limitation in using the above method as it will not allow you to record the screen.

Alternate Method (Everyone’s favorite): – The first time when you launch the Snagit application, A small widget is placed at the top of your screen. This is the easiest way to capture a screenshot. In addition to screenshot, it also allows you to record the screen from the selected area and also the panoramic capture (I will discuss this topic later in this article).
All you need to do is hover your mouse cursor towards the top and click on the rounded red icon. This method provides some extra features like you can adjust the width and height of a selected area, capture a picture, video or use panoramic capture.

To record a video, Select the Area from where you need to record and click on the video icon. with the count of 3, it will start recording from the region which you have selected. This is extremely useful to record online webinars. Once done, click on the Snagit icon from the taskbar and “finish recording“.

Snagit Screen Capture

Using Editing Tools in Snagit

Use of Arrow Tool

Arrow tool is widely used to point something or to highlight the main feature.
Snagit allows you to select a wide variety of arrow shapes, colors, Opacity, End style etc.

Snagit screen capture

Adding Text

Adding Text appeals the look of your captured image and in addition, it also allows us to provide more information about the picture.


Using Shape Tool

Shape tool is the most used function to select the area to highlight.
Snagit allows us to choose various shapes and then we can easily customize it as per our needs.


Adding Callouts

Adding Callouts is very helpful if you are writing any stories or comic fiction. There are a variety of callout styles to select from. You can also customize the callouts with various shapes, Colors etc.

NOTE: – There are many tools in Snagit but am covering the most important and frequently used tools. To access all the tools, click on “More“.


Using Highlighter tool

This tool allows us to highlight any text in a tradition way and gives a unique look.


Adding Steps

Adding steps plays a vital role while demonstrating something which has got multiple steps to follow. To avoid confusion, we need to use “step” tool to describe any information in sequence.

TIP: – To add different numbers, double click on it and type in the numbers you want.


Using Blur Tool

Blur tool is frequently used to blur specific region which you would not like to disclose.


BONUS TIP: – Add a Watermark to Your Images

Adding watermark to you images gives a strong branding to your asset.
To add Watermark to your image, first you need to add a text or logo to a transparent background and save it as .png. from your photo editor. Copy this image and navigate to C:\Program files(x86)\TechSmith\Snagit 13\Images and paste the image in this folder.
After saving it, go back to Snagit editor, Click on Effects, select Watermark, Choose the position and click on “Apply“.


With Snagit, you can add some cool effects to the captured images.
Here I will show you some of the effects that can be achieved from Snagit.

NOTE: – You can achieve tons of effects by combining multiple available options.

Border Effect
Edge Effect in Snagit
Page Curl effect
Spotlight Effect
Adding custom text effect


Edited images can be directly shared/uploaded to Cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It also provides an option to send the images via email and FTP.

Panoramic Capture

In this Era, Most of the devices support Panorama functionalities.

In simple words, panoramic capture is nothing but capturing a wider shot than your lens can take in a single frame.
Snagit allows you to achieve panoramic capture and it is extremely simple.

This feature is very helpful when you want to share a map, or some lists without cropping and attaching multiple images.

How to take a Panoramic picture using Snagit?

Click the Capture button from Snagit Editor. Select a region, click on panoramic capture button and Start. Now drag or scroll till where you want to capture and click on Stop. This will process the image and then you can save it.

Panoramic Capture Panoramic Capture Panoramic Capture

TIP: – Use this feature to capture full-screen web pages for offline view.

Let me know how helpful Snagit is for you and if you are using any other screen capturing tool, Leave the names of those tools in the Comment section.