Google Introduces #myAndroid Taste to get the Best Customization for your Homescreen

Android is so popular for its unlimited customization. Google is making the process so simpler now.
Are you confused what kind of home screen you need to set, which wallpaper to choose, which launchers and icon packs to select? Here comes the Google to rescue us!

We often would have tried so many launchers, icon packs, widgets to customize our home screen but most of the time we won’t be compromised with the changes but now google made it easier to browse the best customization possible for our smartphones.

Yes, Google made it simple by suggesting us the best possible wallpapers, launchers, icon packs, etc,. to our home screen.



All you need to do is head over to #myAndroid Taste and click on “Find Your Match”.
What it does is it will ask you a series of questions and you just need to select the options that were suggested.
It will not take more than a minute to complete the series. Once this is done it will provide the apps to pick a wallpaper, launcher app, icon packs, widgets, keyboard based on your preference.


Once you finish the quiz, you will be getting the final result!

That’s it. If you are happy with the results, you can share the result with your friends or else you can go for re-test to get the best possible options.