Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool for android devices that comes with dozens of useful features. With the help of root access, Titanium backup can take a complete backup of your android system and can store in external SD or internal memory.
This application is not only my personal favorite but also the first app which I install as soon as I flash a new custom ROM or migrate to a different device.
Here are the top 5 most beneficial features of Titanium Backup for android.

1. Backup and Restore Data

Your Phone got crashed? Need to flash a new custom ROM? Are you getting a new phone and don’t have any clue how to move everything from your old phone to the new one. Here everything means all the applications that you were using along with the data associated with them. This task is not possible without Titanium backup.
Titanium backup helps you in taking a complete backup of all the user apps along with the data and also helps you in restoring them.
This feature is extremely useful for the advanced users who frequently flash new custom ROM’s or Kernels to tweak their phone.

In order to perform Backup/Restore(Batch actions), Launch the application and select Menu>Batch actions.

Titanium backup and restore

2. Uninstall the Bloatware

All Android devices come with a bunch of unwanted applications which you are not interested in. These applications not only hogs your precious internal memory but also provides extra work for your CPU as these applications may run in the background more often.
With Titanium backup, you can freeze or uninstall any system apps.

Am using a Samsung Galaxy device that comes with a huge list of bloatware that hogs memory and as a result, it slows down the device gradually, With the help of Titanium backup I have frozen all the unwanted services and uninstalled all those unwanted applications.

In order to Freeze/Uninstall any app, Launch the application and select Backup/Restore tab, Select the app which you need to freeze/uninstall.

freeze and uninstall bloatware

3. Overview of App Storage Use

You might not know how much data does each application hold.
Titanium backup allows you to monitor the (app+data+cache) size with a bar graph and this will make your life easier and can uninstall or clear the junks which are hogging your internal memory.

In order to access this, Launch the application and select Menu>Overview of App storage use. This will take 1-2 minutes to fetch information of all the apps.

Titanium Backup

4. Backup Messages, Call log, Wifi Access Points

This is one of my favorite feature as this allows us to take a backup of all the messages, call logs and Wifi Access points in .xml format and you can use the saved .xml file to restore them.
This feature is beneficial in two ways; If you buy a new phone and don’t want to miss any of your messages or if you flashed a new ROM and want to restore all the previous messages.

In order to access this, Launch the application and select Menu>Backup data to XML.

Titanium Backup -Backup messages, Call log, Wifi Access Points

5. Extract from Nandroid Backup

This is an awesome feature for any advanced users who use to take a nandroid backup from their custom recovery (TWRP/Clockworkmod).
This will come in handy when you don’t have any other backup apart from the nandroid backup and don’t wish to restore it from the custom recovery as this requires a downtime and also it’s a time-consuming process. You can extract and install all the apps and games with the data from your respective nandroid backup right from the Titanium backup.

Extract from nandroid backup in titanium bakup

Isn’t that cool to get all these awesome features from a single app! So What do you think about Titanium Backup for android and also leave a comment about your favorite feature of this wonderful application.